Donald Trump

The end of the media comedy show has now come to the end with the inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States and leader of the free world. Whether commodities go up or down, whatever happens in the world economy on the international monetary scene, with sovereign wealth funds and government decisions is something that you really cannot do anything about.

But what about your businesses, what about your income? What about our jobs and what about Australia's position in the world? Trump and his team have assumed a presidential demeanor and the world is still there.

The lesson to business is that confidence is the key. If you believe that the economy is going down you will hesitate, reduce staff, pause contracts and your performance will drop. However, if you forge ahead by working on expansion plans, move forward, keep hiring staff, take up new contracts and opportunities and work confidently you will be one of the fortunate ones standing when the doubters fall.

What we can learn from Trump is not his atrocious behavior, but his good quality of persistence that got him to the top. He believed in himself.

We live in a changing society similar to the time of the industrial revolution. This is the time when those without the skills to work in modern society are being left behind. Trump utilized these skills against a warring and cashed-up Establishment to garner the winning vote by using online technology. But he is also using his business skills to assemble his team and go forward in running his country. You too can use these skills as your workforce ages and the rules change if you want to stay in the ball game.

  • Never forget that you have to concentrate on your core business, but always be prepared to make changes to cater for today's needs.
  • Upgrade your own skills by spending time in computer courses, by attending industry fairs, looking at barcoding, new equipment, integrating online tools, digital marketing, data analysis and new ways of operating your business. Then take the steps to modernize your whole business.
  • Send all of your staff to relevant courses. Consider their recommendations for change.
  • When employing give value to the new generation who already have many of these skills whilst at the same time not ignoring older workers who have upskilled themselves.

Now is the time to move forward. Be a winner! Begin your expansion plans.

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