Tips for Employers

Write a great ad. Define exactly what you want in an employee. Spell out the required qualifications, if experience is necessary, what the job entails and any special requirements. This will save you having to wade through heaps of unsuitable applications.

  1. Use bullet points, keeping it short and sweet.
    • Job description
    • Role & Responsibilities:
    • Skills/Qualifications
    • Expiry date for applications
  2. Know your legal obligations. Google Anti-discrimination and Fair Work Legislation and ensure that wages offered are correct. Understand that both ads and hiring practices must comply with the law. Recognise that qualified, hard-working employees come in all shapes and sizes, and whilst they may not look the way that you expect they can be winners for your company. When sorting through applications before the interview stage look at what applicants can do, rather than judging them by their name, their age, birth-place or colour of their hair. Applicants' outstanding abilities and dedication to the job should not be ignored when there is a disability. Being Australian means giving people a fair go.
  3. Request that resumes are sent to an email address to the attention of the person responsible for hiring. This will enable you to sort applications and interview the best few applicants in the shortest possible time.
  4. Salary. It is not compulsory to include salary in your ad, however salary may determine the quality of applicants that you receive.


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