A chutzpah. No more and no less. Who is the US to interfere in our affairs, to decide who lives where, what the boundaries of Israel will be and if security considerations have any importance?

When the U.S. says jump many other countries do jump. If they refuse it is at their peril. Consequences, usually economic but often clandestine do result. As the years go by the power of the internet coupled with investigative journalism and documents publicized by whistle-blower Edward Snowden are revealing what the number one world power is really doing.

One look at Netanyahu’s face is enough to tell us that all is not what we believed it to be, as opposed to the smiling U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry who seems to have all the cards up his sleeve. Did we know about the treaty Israel has with the US limiting the billions of dollars of war materiel to China? What hold does America have on Israel? Was there a hint from Zippi Livni about economic difficulties if we do not do what Kerry is telling us? A lot goes on behind the scenes that the man in the street has no idea about.

One glance at the Bible will tell us who are enemies really are. The weaker that we are both in our behaviour towards each other and in our demands to live in our own Land, the stronger our enemies will be. Israel has been double-crossed time and time again, and will continue to be if our leaders are weak. What is interesting is that the Arabs have always held their ground, have never given an inch and have always received benefits for doing so, as the current release of murderers of civilians and the withdrawal from Gaza both show, to our detriment.

The irony of US involvement is that for believers in their own way of doing business they are disregarding the strength of Israel to cooperate with its neighbours in trade. Instead they choose to cause friction, warfare, dislocation of populations and perpetuating the refugee problem rather than solving it with world-wide dispersal as they mouth the words of peace. They did not care about the lives of Jews prior to the Second World War, refusing to bomb the train-lines leading to the concentration camps. They did not allow desperate refugees to reach their shores not caring that millions could and did die. Today they blatantly disregard the fact that their plans for minimizing Israel’s size to a few kilometres of width in some places and giving away land that is not theirs to give will only put more Jewish lives at risk.

But their plan is and has been world dominance since their isolationist period. In Ezekiel Chapter One we read of the four faces which represent the four empires of Egypt, Babylon, Greece and Rome. We are now at the end of the Fourth Empire before the Messianic Age. It is no accident that the United States representing the Fourth Empire has waning powers. From quantitative easing to treaties that are effectively unilateral in their benefits, from world-wide electronic eavesdropping to war-mongering in oil-rich countries they are behaving like a wounded animal fighting viciously in its death-throes whilst they continue to dictate.

Country after country where the US footprint has treaded has seen ruined economies and carpet-bombed residential areas with agent-orange and other chemical weapons resulting in generations of children born with disabilities and missing limbs. They have killed off leaders and whole oppositions whilst controlling output of the media. The world has moved on with the internet. We can now see the truth for what it has really been – interference purely in the interests of the United States.

There will be a price to pay if Netanyahu and decision-makers do not heed what is written in the Torah? If an election were to be held today the right would probably win hands down. The left may be vocal, but the majority do not want parts of Israel turned into bases from where to attack our population as they are doing in our southern cities and towns. It is a shame because every time that Kerry and his ilk fly in the enemy attacks increase and more Israelis are killed.

Maybe the time has come for all of us to pray, pray that our leaders be strong and of good courage, strong and courageous enough to find a different solution for the Palestinians which will be solely in our own interests.

Leonie Ben-Simon