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Welcome to Jobstar.net.au (Jobstar). We have detailed terms and conditions of use for your convenience and protection which have been updated on 14 April 2016.

Users of this site (to be referred to as "Users") agree to bind themselves by the Terms and Conditions (to be referred to as "Terms") below which may be updated and should be checked regularly for updates. These Terms incorporate our Privacy Statement on our website which should be read carefully. Jobstar.net.au will be referred to as "the Website." The owner of the Jobstar.net.au is Jobstar Pty Ltd.


• This site is for use solely of those over eighteen years of age or when supervised by a responsible adult.


• Passwords used to advertise on this website shall not be shared with other websites.

• If your password or other profile information has been compromised or there has been unauthorised use it is your responsibility to advise us immediately or as soon as practicable.


• All content of this site including text, advertising material, logos, graphics, images, icons, content and software are the property of Jobstar Pty. Ltd. and unless given express permission are protected by Copyright. Users may not copy, sell, modify, publicise any content of the Website.au without prior written permission of Jobstar Pty. Ltd.

• Advertisers agree that all content of their advertisement is theirs and does not violate any other entity's IP (intellectual property) or other third party rights.

• Prohibitions on use include data mining and publication of statistical information gained from the website unless prior express consent to do so is given in writing. Advertisers agree to grant Jobstar Pty Ltd royalty-free rights to publicity, copyright and content including database content of their advertisement.


  • All ads are manually reviewed following a successful payment prior to going live. Your ad will be reviewed and published within a few business hours.
  •  Advertisements may be placed by phone, email, mail or on the website. Booking an advertisements does incur the stated cost and payment is not dependent upon the advertisement attracting applicants for the job advertised.
  • All payments are due and payable within 24 hours of booking advertisements and should be paid by either credit card or direct debit.



• Jobstar Pty. Ltd. reserves the right not to accept advertisements for whatever reason that management deems inappropriate, and may delete advertisements or content Misleading, threatening, obscene, abusive or indecent advertisements will not be accepted. Advertisements that infringe on third party rights will not be accepted or will be deleted when drawn to our attention.

• Advertisers are reminded to comply with anti-discrimination laws and all other Australian laws.

• All advertisers and job-seekers agree that the material submitted to the Website will be the property of the advertiser, will not contain any illegal, false or inaccurate information, violate privacy of persons or companies or create computer viruses.


• Signing up signifies agreement to receive Jobstar Pty Ltd emails and newsletters. You will be able to unsubscribe from our newsletters at any time

• These Terms and Conditions may be updated. It is in the interests of all users to read the updated Terms and Conditions.

• Jobs that are advertised may not include a period of work or training that is not paid for according to law. Commission only jobs must be clearly labelled as such. Jobs advertised as requiring an ABN must be labelled as "sub-contracting" work not classified as jobs meaning employment.

• All jobs should be in the English language. An email address or a phone number must be included in the job description.

• We will not accept advertisements that require payment to obtain details of jobs.

• Agencies advertising jobs must identify themselves.

• The following job advertisements will not be accepted: payment for medical trials, cash in hand jobs or adult industry work.

• Jobstar Pty Ltd reserve the right to regulate the size of advertisements to a reasonable size, to amend spelling and grammar errors and to change wording if deemed to be superfluous, repetitive, offensive, racist, sexually explicit or in contravention of the laws of Australia or any treaty to which Australia is a signatory to.

• Although we do offer a service of merchantable quality fit for the purpose represented, we cannot guarantee continuity of service or guaranteed results of successful employment other than placing your advertisement within a reasonable amount of time taking into account issues of power availability and computer down-time due to technical difficulties.


• In the event of a breach of these Terms and Conditions Jobstar welcomes your reporting via email: info@jobstar.net.au so that appropriate action may be taken to delete, amend or report the matter concerned to the authorities if necessary.

In the event that you default in the due performance or observance of any of the terms or conditions of this Contract, you will be liable for any enforcement expenses incurred by Jobstar Pty Ltd in enforcing or preserving its rights in relation to the default. Such expenses will include but are not limited to Jobstar's legal costs and disbursements and costs and expenses incurred in:

  • presenting cheques for payment;
  • dishonour fees;
  • collecting arrears;
  • debt collection costs including any commission paid to debt-collectors;
  • satisfying any lien or prior mortgagee's repossession or attempted repossession of the goods; and
  • the costs incurred by credit agencies and lawyers and court filing fees;

The default interest rate will accrue at 4% per month.
Enforcement expenses not paid on demand will be debited to the Outstanding Balance and will accrue.