Refund Policy


Australian Consumer Law protects consumers for goods and services purchased to ensure that they are obtaining such goods and services in an honest manner. Such laws do not apply to consumers changing their minds, trying to obtain a refund because they no longer require such goods or
services, or have obtained a similar or identical service elsewhere.

• The purchase of non-tangible irrevocable goods is not eligible for refunds once the order is accomplished, and as a customer you are responsible for understanding this.

• Results obtained from the advertisement by the customer will have no bearing upon the purchase price or refunds.

• The purchase of advertising on our site is represented as being inserted on our live website in the English language with information provided by the advertiser.

• We retain the right to make changes to spelling, grammar, the appearance and length of the advertisement.

• Advertisements will remain live for the time period as agreed upon.

However, we recognise that in exceptional circumstances refunds may be issued:

• If there is an overpayment. Please email details of the overpayment within seven days and the grounds for your appeal for a refund and we shall investigate the appeal, have sole discretion to decide whether to accept your appeal. If it is accepted the portion of overpayment will be refunded.

• All applications for refunds must be made within seven days of payment.

• We recommend that In the case of non-delivery of the advertisement you must contact our office within seven days of placing the order in order to apply for a refund. It is understood that the text of the advertisement has been emailed to our office within three working days of placing the order. We reserve the right to deliver the advertisement in this case instead of a refund.

• Our Technical Support Department must be contacted within three working days if confirmation of the order is not received in order to request technical assistance. Failure to do so may result in a decline of a refund.

• We reserve the right to rectify technical issues and offer a replacement within seven days after we have been notified by email, or when issues of server access have delayed service.

• Our offices close annually during the public holiday period from one day prior to Christmas until the day after the New Year. During this time our Technical Services Department will not be available, and the time required for applying to them or for refunds will be delayed until
after the holiday period.