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Recruiting Consultants for Labour Hire Company

  • Location: Brisbane
  • Suburb: Brisbane QLD
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Company: Jobstar Pty Ltd
Recruiting Consultants for Labour Hire Company

With over TEN years of consecutive + successful servicing to Australian Business within the Job Market on a National scale working with some of the country’s leading companies & successfully assisting to Outsource via both Permanent and Labour Hire Services* STAFF 4U *PTY LTD


We are actively looking to hire new teams of Recruiters - The Future Earners of six figure salaries.

Hungry for a chance? Keen to try? Dedicated to follow through and Motivated enough to put the effort in, to get the rewards that you will gain if you join Us and be part of our company?


Based from a national level if you are in Gladstone, Mackay, W.A, Pilbara, N.T, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Hunter Valley etc etc ---- Anywhere in the country you can join and be one of Us. Do it Now b4 you miss the chance to get your foot in the door to an industry that is about to become once again, a booming sector of the workforce!

* get in touch with Us now at Staff 4U.


You can review our business and what we do and our core values and principles on www.staff4u.com.au ‘Like us’ on Facebook.



  • Are you able to sell ?
  • Can you make lots of phone calls ?
  • Do you enjoy speaking to people ?
  • Feel comfortable and at ease speaking to people on the mobile ?
  • Are you motivated through lead generation to find the companies you can help?
  • Have you got a work friendly space to use?
  • You will be required to have an ABN to be able to perform this role.
  • You must have access to a PC of your own
  • You must have a mobile phone to be contactable on.

You Need To Be:

  • Good working skills on a P.C and have your own available to you
  • Have a Mobile Phone
  • Results driven
  • Motivated
  • Able to think on your feet
  • Be able to problem solve

That’s right! This is ALL you need to start-up and become a Recruitment Consultant.

This means...

  • You be your OWN BOSS
  • You decide how much money you are going to earn- Harder YOU Work - more $$$ YOU Will make
  • Interested? Why wouldn’t you be?

Meet Our Criteria: You can be anywhere in Australia

Doesn’t matter what Visa you hold if you are from overseas - ALL are eligible.

Salary: Retainer plus commission pay structure with maximum highest rewards on offer.

Provide Us with:

  • A cover letter outlining your experience and what you can offer?
  • How much time have you spent working to reach your goals?
  • Tell us about your abilities to sell via telephone.
  • What (if any) experience do you have?
  • Have you ever worked autonomously before?
  • How much of your work history shows customer engagement or experience?
  • If your work history is a list of short term, dead ended jobs tell us why? What do you need from your Job to make you happy

To apply for a position you must be a permanent Australian resident or have an appropriate work visa.


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