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Health and Wellness Coach

  • Location: Sydney
  • Suburb: Sydney and Regional NSW
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Company: Jobstar Pty Ltd
Health and Wellness Coach

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Do you want to coach people to finally lose weight forever and transform their whole life?


Do you want access to a new ground-breaking evidence-based scientific program that is not about fads, pills, powders, diets or challenges?


You can become a Sum Sanos Coach and deliver a proven coaching program that is set to establish a new standard in weight management globally.


Despite the significant increase in the volume of pills, potions, diets and challenges stealing our attention and consuming our lives, statistics on weight gain and obesity continue to grow – in fact, globally 54% of adults are classified as overweight or obese.


What’s worse is that most people who HAVE lost weight using these methods, regain all or more of the weight they lost after twelve months.


Sum Sanos Coaches are trained, supported and developed by academics and other professionals to deliver a powerful scientific breakthrough HBI Weight Management System to help clients lose weight… for life!


Just a proven methodology to teach people exactly what they need to change and how they need to change it to develop helpful habits to make absolutely certain they achieve clinically beneficial weight loss results and life transformation.


Sum Sanos means ‘I am Healthy’. It’s an affirmation for good health.


What can I expect as a Sum Sanos Coach?

1. The first effective evidence based program, tools and support to coach clients to achieve weight loss for life

2. Psychology Based Life Transformation Program designed to help clients live with greater energy, focus and vitality

3. A unique opportunity to make wellness coaching your full-time career

4. Access to a powerful marketing system, support and training to ensure you can create a steady stream of clients

5. To be a part of a global movement changing the standards for weight management


Sum Sanos Makes Running Your Own Wellness Coaching Business a Breeze

You will receive extensive training specifically focused on building a successful business coaching clients to achieve clinically beneficial weight loss and whole of life transformation.


The tools and support include:

  • access to program materials and resources
  • comprehensive training
  • interactive marketing and business support
  • coach training modules,
  • regular training, and more.

Imagine being a part of a community of dedicated Wellness Coaches who work with clients on a one to one basis over an entire year to help them form new habits, break old habits, lose weight and transform their whole of life.


Your clients are also given the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial whilst taking part in our program.


Our global induction is in early June.


If you want to be one of the Sum Sanos Coaches in your city, click apply today.


This is a self-employment opportunity. There is a once-off investment required.





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