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Dental Technician

  • Location: Regional VIC
  • Suburb: Seaford VIC
  • Position Type: Casual
  • Company: Jobstar Pty Ltd
Dental Technician

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Seaford Dental is looking for an experienced dental technician to work alongside a dentist and prosthetist.


Role Duties include:

  • Receive and interpret written orders from a dental prosthetist or dentist;
  • Make plaster and stone models of the mouth and teeth from impressions that have been taken by a dental prosthetist or dentist;
  • Construct custom impression trays for the dental prosthetist or dentist to use;
  • Build up wax replicas of part or all of the mouth and/or teeth on model;
  • Use direct vision or specialised equipment to record tooth shades;
  • Arrange artificial teeth for full or partial dentures;
  • Use manual skills to construct ceramic restorations;
  • Design and construct fixed and removable acrylic and metal chrome dentures
  • Polish and finish all work prior to being placed in the patient's mouth; and
  • Reline, repair or modify full or partial dentures.

Experience: Dental: 2 years (Required)


To apply for a position you must be a permanent Australian resident or have an appropriate work visa.


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