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Customer Service & Sales Legend

  • Location: Melbourne
  • Suburb: Melbourne VIC
  • Position Type: Full Time
Customer Service & Sales Legend

This position is no longer available as it has been filled.


Office Fruit Group Logo


Do you strive to sell? Do you have the knack for making potential customers love you? Could you sell milk to cows? Love dogs? Good, then you're reading the right ad.


Office Fruit Group started in 2007 and has really made a bang in the Melbourne market, we started with an understanding of what the corporate market wanted and grow around our customer needs. We're teaching offices to ditch the cookie jars and to start with our beautiful healthy fruit boxes, but really we can't talk as we eat more chocolate than anyone else and we have a lifetime supply of fruit.


We're not your ordinary company, so we're not looking for an ordinary candidate. Good sales skills is above all else in our business. We want to see a passion, sales experience, a desire to learn, a sense of humor, and empathy for the needs and challenges of our customers. We're looking for someone who loves people, who is enthusiastic about providing above and beyond customer service and who gets a total kick out of making a positive impact on a someone else' day. The purpose of this role is introduce new customers to our brand and welcome back old customers who went to try someone else but weren't happy…. They should have listened from the start; you can't go past the best.


You will be required to work from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday – Friday. You will be trying to obtain leads by reaching out to new customers via phone, face to face and from incoming website enquiries as well as supporting our customer service team.


The Gig:

Your daily role will be to:

  1. Selling fruit and milk to potential customers

  2. Calling past customers or potential customers

  3. Creating contact lists

  4. Backing up Customer service and building lasting relationships with our customers (we love them and want them to stay)

  5. Maintenance of company records, the boring stuff but it helps us in the long run

  6. Quoting and pricing over phone and e-mail

  7. Visiting clients to talk about our products and convert them into sales

  8. Problem solve any issues and come back to our customers with a timely resolution to get the sale over the line

  9. Determining opportunities to up-sell whilst providing outstanding customer service to current customers

  10. Assist with social media campaigns

  11. Work independently and as a team member

  12. Liaise with ops manager daily to ensure you give your new customers the correct information.

  13. Cuddling our office pooch, Elli.


Who we are looking for:

  1. Someone who can be yourself

  2. You're inquisitive and your detective skills would make Sherlock jealous. You love to solve a good puzzle and having the opportunity to troubleshoot something gets those (fruit) juices flowin'

  3. You naturally just enjoy talking to people (imaginary or not)

  4. You take real satisfaction when you've achieve goals set for you

  5. You will be bright energetic and excited to be surrounded by fruit

  6. Keen fruit juggler (desired but not essential)

  7. You're driven and intrinsically motivated by a job well done.

  8. Willing to learn and have a go at any part of the business

  9. Resident in with the right to work in Australia


The Skills you'll have:

  1. A solid grasp of Google Apps (Gmail, docs, calendars, etc.) - we live in the Google space, you'd have a leg up on the competition if you did to!

  2. A love of all things EXCEL.

  3. A personality we will fall in love with.

  4. A comfortableness communicating with people across all platforms - you're profesh on the phones, and your email etiquette is on fleek. Your awareness of written communications is impressive.

  5. A profound understanding of the English language, and a desire to exercise proper grammar at every juncture. You're a stickler for punctuation and sentence structure and you can't help but want to live in a world where everyone nails the 'their' 'there' and 'they're' issue.


What can you expect from us?

  1. Work-life balance. We know you have a life outside of work and at Office Fruit you can have a life inside work too.

  2. Utilise all your talents. Not just the ones written in your job description.

  3. We welcome all of you at work. We don't want you to leave your personality at the door.

  4. All the fruit you can eat.


Get in touch, apply now, hit that button and come have a chat with us. We can't wait to hear from you!