INCREASING PROFITABILITY Why You Should Employ Purple People

Your company may be profitable and stable. However every day is a good day to revisit all of your systems with a view to increasing profitability as you work through change management.

You review your property and equipment leases, carefully check out your financials, tax deductions, imports, exports and keep up to date with the latest technology. Suppliers, buyers, the competition – all are watched regularly. The business world has changed substantially over the past ten and twenty years with companies who have been able to handle online trading and marketing overtaking those who are not open to change.

You are technologically competent. Your company is operating well, but there is more. That is the issue of human resources consisting of both your employers and your future employers.

Should you employ purple people? The answer is definitely yes, if only for business reasons. Operating in a global business environment means that if you are not trading with Brazil, Russia, India, China or Africa you are ignoring most of the world market. Having people on your staff capable of negotiating and sourcing raw materials in Chinese will reduce the cost of your raw materials. A Portuguese speaker selling a few million dollars of your company’s products to Brazil was something that you had never even thought of before. Offshore servicing and manufacturing will cost you more if it is all conducted in English. Passing over applications for jobs by the huge numbers of migrants with multiple university degrees, work experience and good work ethics falls into the same basket.

This also applies to older employees. Each person has a value, and older employees have a track record of less absences and more dedication to the job. As for skills upgrade, we all need to continuously take courses to keep up with today’s technology and developments so if an older person needs a course or a practical demonstration of new ways of doing things, just make it happen.

You may not be used to different pronunciations or different names. So it will take you a few weeks to get used to that. They may not drink beer with you on a hot day. So what! The same as you got used to having women in the workplace, you will get used to purple people and their customs.

Each one of us has different strengths and can contribute differently to businesses, society and the economy through taxes and productivity. Failure to employ purple or green people is not only discrimination; it is effectively not using the resources that are staring you in the face, and it is your loss.

As an employer or person responsible for your company’s human resources you should not wait for a generational change in attitudes but should forge ahead even if it is solely in the name of profitability. In time your world view will broaden together with tolerance and understanding that each human being can contribute, be they purple or not.