There is an important rule when hiring new staff: aim for profit!

There are rules when taking on a new person: that person must not only fit in to the company culture, be honest, able to work with a team and be productive. They must also contribute to the company’s bottom line.

Profit is not a dirty word. Every single employee must add value to your company, namely profit. Without profit companies cannot exist. They cannot attract investment, they cannot grow and they are subject to industry, national and global downturns. The greater the profit the healthier a company is.

So, when advertising always style your job ads to attract the best possible candidates. Consider their experience particularly in your industry, request a full CV with references and include dot points such as qualifications required, computer literacy, industry experience and everything that will enable the successful applicant to bring your company a step further up the line.

When it comes to stating a wage a variable dollar value is advised when you write your job ad. This will give a starting wage and room to negotiate. Remember that being mean with wages does not give incentive to employees to do their best.

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