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Q. Can I lodge more than one job in one advertisement?

A. If you have two jobs for example two carpenters you can advertise them in one ad. But if you have one job for a driver and one for a carpenter they have to be two separate ads, because drivers and carpenters will be listed under different keywords.

Q. Can I advertise in more than one city?

A. There is no additional charge for placing your advertisement which will be sent around Australia. Furthermore our website advertises to the whole world, so those who are permitted to work in Australia, for example ex-patriots will be able to apply for your job.

Q. Do you screen advertisements before they become live?

A. All advertisements are screened prior to going live to ensure that their content is not inappropriate, has no spelling errors and clearly represents the job advertised. Please allow a few hours for your advertisement to become live.

Q. How long will my advertisement stay on

A. Each advertisement stays on the site for thirty days.

Q. I have filled my job vacancy and want to remove my advertisement. How do I do this?

A. Log in and click on 'My Ads'. Follow the prompts to delete the ad.

Q. I am not receiving replies to my advertisement, what can I do?

A. Firstly, check in your email spam/junk folder where you may find answers to your advertisement, redirect them into your inbox. Reply to these emails. If that does not address the issue, please contact us so that we can review your advertisement and recommend a solution.

Q. How do I repost the advertisement? I filled the position that I advertised and I have another vacancy of the same type. Or alternatively, I filled the position but after a month the employer left. How can I repost the advertisement?

A. Log in, go to My Orders, click on 'renew' and follow the prompts

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