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  • Cook / Cleaner

    Cook / Cleaner

    Bowral NSW, Casual

    • Experienced Cook for Cook and Cleaner job
    • Beginning casual, expected to change to full-time
    • Great country location
  • Cabinet Maker / Factory Manager

    Cabinet Maker / Factory Manager

    Melbourne VIC, Full Time

    • Must be able to read & interpret plans

    • Able to keep track of stock & inventory

    • Able to coordinate loading of trucks/vehicles & supervise apprentices

  • HC Driver

    HC Driver

    Brisbane, Full Time

    • Local Queensland and interstate work ,
    • flat top,
    • Excellent conditions
  • Spray Painter for Auto / Marine

    Spray Painter for Auto / Marine

    Gold Coast QLD, Full Time

    • Experienced
    • For Auto / Marine
  • Auto Electrician

    Auto Electrician

    Brisbane QLD, Full Time

      • Working on a variety of vehicles ((cars, trucks, buses, earthmoving etc.)

      • Wages commensurate with experience

      • Field and workshop service

  • Concrete Agitator Driver

    Concrete Agitator Driver

    Brisbane QLD, Full Time

      • A new and reliable fleet of 8x4 Concrete Agitators

      • A maintenance system to ensure our fleet remains fully operational

      • Permanent & full time
  • Sales Professional Stockbroking

    Sales Professional Stockbroking

    Sydney NSW, Full Time

    • This is a dream job
    • In luxury offices CBD Sydney
    • $50,000- $100,000 base

      20% commission of advisory fees

      20% commission of brokerage fees generated

      Uncapped Commissions.

  • Rock Climbing

    Rock Climbing

    Sydney NSW, Part Time

    • $40k p.a. for 2 days a week!
    • The best work in the world
    • Working with kids
  • Sales / Marketing

    Sales / Marketing

    Gold Coast QLD, Full Time

    Work from anywhere with simply your laptop and phone. Join an enthusiastic, growing team who offer exceptional support. Ongoing professional development opportunities for successful applicants.

  • Panel Beater

    Panel Beater

    Perth WA, Full Time

    Excellent wage

    Friendly team

    State of the art equipment

  • Pressure Washing Technician

    Pressure Washing Technician

    Perth WA, Full Time

    Casual / Full Time / Part-time

    Working in the Perth Metro area and occasional regional

    Must have previous experience

  • Apprentice 1st Year Hairdresser

    Apprentice 1st Year Hairdresser

    Perth WA, Full Time

    • Location Warwick
    • Great Opportunity
    • Boutique salon
  • Driving Instructor

    Driving Instructor

    Sydney NSW, Full Time

    Location Birrong Sydney

    Must have driving instructor's licence

    Training can be provided

  • Auto Electrician

    Auto Electrician

    Cairns & Far North QLD, Full Time

    *  Full time immediate start

    *  Work in Cairns where the living is great and real estate is cheap!


  • Admin Assistant

    Admin Assistant

    Bankstown NSW, Full Time

    *  5 days a week

    *  All-rounder required.


  • Spraypainter


    Brisbane QLD, Full Time

    *  Experienced Spray Painter required

    *  Location Albion Brisbane

    *  Should be dedicated to excellence



  • HC Truck Driver

    HC Truck Driver

    Melbourne VIC, Full Time

    Full time work 5.5 days per week

    Truck & Dog Driver

    Start at Langwarring and finishing in Langwarrin

    Great hourly rate plus bonuses

  • Crane Truck Operator

    Crane Truck Operator

    Brisbane QLD, Full Time

    Current Licence to Perform High Risk Work - truck mounted crane

    Suit Southside resident

    HC or MC licence

  • Work Opportunity in Security Industry

    Work Opportunity in Security Industry

    Brisbane QLD, Full Time

    • Well paid
    • Full-time, Casual or part-time
    • Age no barrier
    • Excellent earnings
  • Crowd Controllers

    Crowd Controllers

    Brisbane QLD, Full Time

    Work with a leader in the Australian security industry

    Be passionate in providing security services

    Need at least one year's experience in the industry

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Employer Blog



You may have read our last article about the newspaper advertising dying – well this is probably their death notice.

Major city newspapers* are now charging a minimum of $96.78 for only one day’s classified advertising (a minimum of 6 lines @ $16.13 per day.)


There are two piles of applications for your vacancy on your desk.

The first pile is small: those will be the ones to get an interview. The second one is the unsuccessful ones, the ones on their way to the bin.

Now, have another look: let’s say that you disregard age, sex and name and only look at their suitability for the job. Can you honestly say that you have been fair in your initial assessment? Did you assume that because someone is 59 years old they are computer illiterate? Is your waste-paper basket going to consume that female with two degrees and solid experience in your field because you thought that she might need time off to look after children? Or maybe you couldn’t pronounce the name of the very best candidate whose contribution to your company would be way ahead of the pack, so you didn’t consider him.


Every employee should contribute to your profitability.

  • Standards: When interviewing applicants lay down the standards that you expect both in achievement and personal behaviour.
  • Sharing progress and goals: Set up a tracking board that you can control by computer so that everyone in your organisation can see the daily progress and goal achievement. It may be new customers gained, material output or other gains. Use symbols such as flashing lights for major achievements.


There is an important rule when hiring new staff: aim for profit!

There are rules when taking on a new person: that person must not only fit in to the company culture, be honest, able to work with a team and be productive. They must also contribute to the company’s bottom line.

Profit is not a dirty word. Every single employee must add value to your company, namely profit. Without profit companies cannot exist. They cannot attract investment, they cannot grow and they are subject to industry, national and global downturns. The greater the profit the healthier a company is.