Good Boss


Imagine: your workers’ productivity increases exponentially within six months! Sick days drop and your workforce are beginning to contribute to profitability with brilliant ideas that will put you ahead of the competition. Is this a dream?

It could very well be reality, and much of it depends upon you the boss and how you treat your staff. Employees are assets. A boss who does not realise this is asking for trouble. An asset has to be looked after if it is to be operating at its peak performance. It has to be housed comfortably, greased and serviced, just like a machine.

Forget Newspaper Advertising


Are you under fifty years old? Chances are that you aren’t subscribed to a home delivered newspaper. As for job-seekers just out of university or the twenty to forty age group their lives are lived on the internet with a brief glance at the headlines, or maybe an online subscription to the daily news without the newspaper ads.

2016 – Powering Your Business

 powering business

Do you believe everything that you read in the newspapers or the opinions presented on TV about the 2016 economy?

So what if the price of oil has dropped, if the Chinese are re-doing their economy and the prices of metals have fallen?

Australia is booming with plenty of work. Money is plentiful and nobody needs to go hungry. We are the lucky country, and you are in a position to hire more workers to power up your business.


Choosing the right candidate for the job is so important, especially when considering training costs, how profitable the successful applicant will be for your company and whether this person will be a good fit for your company culture.

1. Read incoming resumes carefully.
There are pointers to suitability such as the applicant's past work history – how many jobs has she changed over the past few years, and does she have the right skills. If they are IT skills, has she kept them updated? If there are trade skills involved how many years' experience has he had?

MANAGING 101: Contingency Planning

Contingency plans are so important when the annual flu epidemic hits the city! 

Suddenly the manager is sick, his second-in-command is sick, half of the factory workers have called in sick, yes really!  They all present medical certificates on their return so you know that it is for real.  Productivity drops.  Phones go unanswered as the receptionist goes home in a taxi half way through the day.  Then the boss gets sick.  Disaster!  All meetings are cancelled, new contracts are put aside and masks come out so that the air conditioning does not infect the rest of the staff.