MANAGING 101: In Sickness and in Health

Contingency plans are so important when the annual flu epidemic hits the city!

Suddenly the manager is sick, his second-in-command is sick, half of the factory workers have called in sick, yes really! They all present medical certificates on their return so you know that it is for real. Productivity drops. Phones go unanswered as the receptionist goes home in a taxi half way through the day. Then the boss gets sick. Disaster! All meetings are cancelled, new contracts are put aside and masks come out so that the air conditioning does not infect the rest of the staff.


Falling in love at work – good, neutral or bad? It really depends on who you are, what your station in life is and whether it is destructive or not.

Scenario One: You are married, but the proximity of that gorgeous man whom you work with is starting to bring up ideas: Is he nicer than the one you have at home?

Is there a physical attraction?

Can you actually work effectively whilst he is around?


Thank you for giving me the floor for an issue which I am passionate about: Inclusiveness vs exclusiveness.

On the one hand every true-blue Chabadnick wants to bring more Jews into the fold. On the other hand the hardest part is living with all sorts of Jews in the same community, having children from different backgrounds in the schools and being able assess the impact of different lifestyles and influences that Klal Yisrael on our lives.

For some it is too much. Bringing up a family is difficult at all times, but the risk that your child will go off the derech because of the influences of other children is a real risk which not all families can handle, particularly when mothers are stretched to the limit.


Choosing the right candidate for the job is so important, especially when considering training costs, how profitable the successful applicant will be for your company and whether this person will be a good fit for your company culture.

1. Read incoming resumes carefully.

There are pointers to suitability such as the applicant’s past work history – how many jobs has she changed over the past few years, and does she have the right skills. If they are IT skills, has she kept them updated? If there are trade skills involved how many years’ experience has he had? Is he a wannabe who may not be up to the job, or a person who will be able to take on the responsibilities that the job entails? Does he live within a reasonable distance of the job? (If not he could arrive at work tired.)

best candidate


Choose the right job title. An accurate description will eliminate applicants who are unsuitable. The word “driver” will suit a car driver, but not a truck driver requiring an HR licence. Use “HR driver” for your title

Describe the duties required. A brief job description will tell your candidates if their skills fit the position advertised.

Be realistic. You yourself may be multi-skilled, able to do it all. But be reasonable in your expectations and consider that you may really be seeking more than one person to replace you.