There is an important rule when hiring new staff: aim for profit!

There are rules when taking on a new person: that person must not only fit in to the company culture, be honest, able to work with a team and be productive. They must also contribute to the company’s bottom line.

Profit is not a dirty word. Every single employee must add value to your company, namely profit. Without profit companies cannot exist. They cannot attract investment, they cannot grow and they are subject to industry, national and global downturns. The greater the profit the healthier a company is.


A chutzpah. No more and no less. Who is the US to interfere in our affairs, to decide who lives where, what the boundaries of Israel will be and if security considerations have any importance?

When the U.S. says jump many other countries do jump. If they refuse it is at their peril. Consequences, usually economic but often clandestine do result. As the years go by the power of the internet coupled with investigative journalism and documents publicized by whistle-blower Edward Snowden are revealing what the number one world power is really doing.


Should you change your name to enhance your job prospects? Would you?

There are pros and cons on both sides of the fence. The first consideration is your pride, your ancestry and most importantly whether you should cave in and let the existing system defeat you.

You may be stubborn, you may be dead right in keeping your own name but the long and the short of it is that you need a job, and despite all of the multi-cultural acceptance that is governed by anti-discrimination law in Australia it is a fact that many employers have just not moved into the twenty-first century and are ignoring your applications for work.

INCREASING PROFITABILITY Why You Should Employ Purple People

Your company may be profitable and stable. However every day is a good day to revisit all of your systems with a view to increasing profitability as you work through change management.

You review your property and equipment leases, carefully check out your financials, tax deductions, imports, exports and keep up to date with the latest technology. Suppliers, buyers, the competition – all are watched regularly. The business world has changed substantially over the past ten and twenty years with companies who have been able to handle online trading and marketing overtaking those who are not open to change.

You are technologically competent. Your company is operating well, but there is more. That is the issue of human resources consisting of both your employers and your future employers.